For better or for worse, is run by humans—humans with needs, and man, we really need some pens.

It's not often 'round this rusty office-shed that our hands are put to use for anything other than clicking and clacking on our whirring computers. As the old adage goes, that's how the sausage gets made. Alas, we are reporters and writers first, and and when out in "the field" (journalism talk) we must scribble down our incoherent thoughts somewhere. Where? Notebooks. With what? Pens. (Note: Managing Editor Lacey Donohue has been using a pencil her entire life, which we'll leave you to address in the comments.)

Help us order some pens. As is the case with any internal decision tackled by the team, none of us can agree on what kind of pen is the best pen.

Since I am in charge of writing this plea for pen recommendations, this is the best pen.

This Is The Best Pen

And for fairness, here is the second best pen.

The Second Best Pen

In theory, this pen is great, but I always end up with this pen on my hands. Not recommended for lefties.

A Pen That Needs to Figure Its Shit Out But Can Work In a Pinch

This pen is pretty good, unless you leave it in your bag for five years and then try to use it. Then it sucks.

The rest of the staff has their own idiosyncratic, kooky (and wrong) pen choices, which I will list for you here:

Tele-scopic Brights Slide Ballpoint 1.0mm

Tom Scocca recommends this tiny smooth pen with a good clip that doesn't break.

uni-ball® Jetstream™ RT Retractable Rollerball Pens, 1.0 mm, Bold Point

A choice from Jay Hathaway, who explained that this pen was voted Wirecutter's Best Pen. Like hell it was.

Bic 730

Here is a pen suggested, without further comment, from Jordan Sargent. Looks okay but not great, Jordan!

"Zebra Pen"

"some pens, like bic pens are too slow. others like those gel ones, the g2s or whatever. too fast. lead to illegible handwriting. the zebra pen strike a nice balance. it's about resistance" —Gawker News Editor Taylor Berman

If you made it to the end of this post about pens, congratulations. Welcome to the Pen15 Club. Join us in the comments as we argue about the best pens. Pen enthusiasts only.

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