Nutella, a European hazelnut chocolate spread, is acknowledged to be unequivocally delicious, and its alleged "backlash" has only been written about by sanctimonious health freaks. Should you be able to name your daughter after Nutella in honor of its tastiness? Yes, if you so choose.

A French court in Valenciennes barred one family from doing so this week after discovering the parents had registered their daughter's name as Nutella in September of 2014. The Guardian reports:

The parents have now named their baby Ella, after a court ruling stipulated that "the first name Nutella, given to the child, is that of the commercial brand of a spread". The court ruled that such a name was against the girl's interests as it would cause "mockery or disobliging remarks"

Or perhaps it would earn her praise and friendship. Too soon to tell.

[Image via AP]