Your Most Popular Thanksgiving Appetizer Will Be This Italian Donut

Dayna Evans · 11/18/14 01:46PM

On the list of reasonable Thanksgiving appetizers, a bucket full of donuts would seem to rank right down there with a full pre-meal turkey or a Domino's pizza. Anything heavier that crudités and a plate of cheese and crackers, and your guests will surely end up pushing around their mashed potatoes listlessly, barely nibbling at the turkey you spent hours trussing. The sane thing is to give them a glass of wine and a few mini-quiches.

Almond Milk Is Good

Hamilton Nolan · 07/17/14 11:40AM

Yesterday, Tom Philpott decided to try his hand at food trolling (we invented that, you amateur) by declaring that almond milk is an inferior milk substitute beloved only by "ignorant hipsters." Sadly, some of our own colleagues have been suckered into agreement. All of you are wrong. Almond milk is good.

Dinner Hour or So: Adequate Oven-Cooked Ribs

Tom Scocca · 06/25/14 01:19PM

There are many ways to cook pork ribs, to make them into an expression of your own personal mythology or tribalism of barbecue. This is not one of those ways. This is a way to cook ribs as pieces of meat, so that you may eat them and go to bed on a weeknight.