Here’s a thought: Put basil on your egg sandwich.

“But what if the bodega doesn’t offer basil as an egg sandwich topping?” you’re wondering. OK—this isn’t for that. This is for when you make an egg sandwich at home.

I’ve suggested putting basil on an egg sandwich to many friends in the past few months and, oddly, it has always fallen on suspicious ears. Why? It seems normal to me: basil on an egg sandwich. Two good tastes. But just this morning a coworker said to me, “basil is fine on an egg sandwich that also has mozzarella.” What? No. Basil is “great” on any egg sandwich. Another coworker said, “basil and american cheese? come on.”


You come on.

Here’s what to put in the sandwich:

  • Two fried eggs, or whatever you want
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Basil
  • A little rosemary
  • Sprinkle of parmesan or, yes, believe me, a slice of American cheese

Or whatever, the important part is that you put basil on it. Do you have a basil plant? If not, you should get one. They’re easy to maintain and provide you with basil. If you have a basil plant, you can just grab basil from your basil plant. If not you’ll have to get some from a store.

Then you put all of the stuff from your frying pan onto whatever bread item you have. Probably you have some hamburger buns leftover from before if you don’t have anything else, and I promise you that they will be delicious after you toast them a little bit.

Try it.

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