As we've tirelessly covered this year, Hershey, Inc. decided to yank the fun from Easter by suing a company responsible for importing British Cadbury chocolate into the United States. Why buy real Cadbury—creamy, smooth, delicious—when you could have Cadbury made by Hershey—acrid, sour, gritty, and painfully dissimilar?

In an inarguably scientific experiment featuring some of Gawker's best-looking staff members, we decided to put Hershey's Cadbury product to the test. If this was the only version of Cadbury we Americans were going to have access to for the foreseeable future, it had better taste real good. What we discovered may surprise, shock, and downright disgust you in response to Hershey's unabashed malfeasance.

As Nicky Perry, owner of British import store Tea & Sympathy, told the New York Times, "Things in the world are bad enough as it is and now you're going to take away our chocolate?"