If we do not remember the history of terrible internet flamebait, we are doomed to repeat it. A 33-year-old U.K. mom who posted an Instagram photo of her hot abs with the caption "I have a kid, a six pack, and no excuse" was rewarded with a family-size bag of flamin' hot how dare she comments from other moms who felt judged and apparently forgot that we've been through this exact same thing before.

Back in 2013, another sentient set of abdominal muscles, Maria Kang, sparked the same arguments about body image and responsible parenting with her own "no excuses" photo. A lot of commenters got extremely angry at the implication that not looking like a fitness model is some kind of moral failing, and tried to pick apart Kang's life because who is she to judge?

The attention only helped Kang, who turned "no excuses" into a personal brand (ugh) and presumably ended up profiting from the outrage. But most people came to the reasonable conclusion that what some abdominal Instagram monster thinks about your body actually has no bearing on whether you're a good person or parent, and moved on with their lives by either working out or not who cares.

Now "no excuses," that tried-and-true recipe for useless internet outrage, has reared its pernicious head again. Abby Pell, a Sussex, U.K., mom, was accused of "fat shaming" and told "exploiting your motherhood to show off is despicable and shameless" after she posted her own ab shot (with her daughter in the frame). The photo has now been shared 13,000 futile, wasted times on social media.

Calm down, The Internet. Pell is a professional model who runs a fitness business and posts on Instagram as "superabs." This is how marketing works. The hate is swelling in you now, and with each passing moment you make yourself more her servant.

Just walk away. Life your life. Raise your kids. Never tweet.

[h/t The Mirror]