This Piece About Tipping Is One of the Worst Things I Have Ever Read

On Friday, XOJane published a think piece titled "UNPOPULAR OPINION: I Don't Feel Guilty For Not Tipping You" by Sarah Bartlett. It is exactly as bad as it sounds. » 3/21/15 2:55pm 3/21/15 2:55pm

Can You Taste the Difference Between Banned U.K. Cadbury and Hershey's?

As we've tirelessly covered this year, Hershey, Inc. decided to yank the fun from Easter by suing a company responsible for importing British Cadbury chocolate into the United States. Why buy real Cadbury—creamy, smooth, delicious—when you could have Cadbury made by Hershey—acrid, sour, gritty, and painfully… » 2/26/15 2:25pm 2/26/15 2:25pm

Have You Talked to Your Child About Money? 

"I found out my second grader has not been eating lunch all year. I give him money for lunch but he apparently didn't know what it was for, so he threw it out. Wtf? I am sort of stunned. How did he not know this???" » 2/16/15 4:28pm 2/16/15 4:28pm

Did you know there's a Pie Town, New Mexico? There is—and they serve pie! But do they serve orange pie? No, they don't—but they do at the W Hotel in South Beach, Florida! There's the pie news for today I guess. » 2/10/15 10:51am 2/10/15 10:51am

One Man's Take, by Taylor Berman

There Should Be Two Lines at Bars: a Manifesto

As people waste our time debating how much to tip baristas (the correct amount: the small pile of coins they give back to you after your transaction is complete) and bartenders ($1 per drink), a second, much more significant beverage problem has once again been overlooked: the frustrating delays caused by people who… » 2/09/15 9:33am 2/09/15 9:33am

How Much Gawker Commenters Tip 

Oh my God. Yesterday we asked what standards of tipping you live by, and you all have so, so, so much to say. There was a lot of bragging and plenty more whining in the nearly 700 comments left on yesterday's post. » 2/03/15 4:11pm 2/03/15 4:11pm

Hey Cheap-Ass, How Much Do You Tip? 

The Awl's Matt Buchanan presented a questionable proposition today: That you should tip $1 for every drink at your local coffee house, irrespective of what you order (regular coffee, something a little richer, iced tea). Is that right? » 2/02/15 4:19pm 2/02/15 4:19pm

The Only Tinder Opening Line You Need

A few years ago, a college friend described to me his experience on Tinder. The service was already popular by then, but it hadn't yet become synonymous with sleazy come-ons and predatory male speech patterns. This friend—a plucky yuppie with a positive outlook and the face of an old baby—was finishing a graduate… » 2/02/15 4:00pm 2/02/15 4:00pm

British Import Ban Emboldens American Chocoholics to Boycott Hershey

This is fucking madness: after Hershey, Inc. declared that they would be imposing a ban on chocolate imports from England to the US, necessary steps had to be taken to fight for our right to eat high-fat-content chocolate that doesn't taste like melted tires. A #BoycottHershey movement has begun. » 1/27/15 12:45pm 1/27/15 12:45pm

Wack Haters in French Court Bar Parents From Naming Daughter Nutella

Nutella, a European hazelnut chocolate spread, is acknowledged to be unequivocally delicious, and its alleged "backlash" has only been written about by sanctimonious health freaks. Should you be able to name your daughter after Nutella in honor of its tastiness? Yes, if you so choose. » 1/26/15 11:35am 1/26/15 11:35am

Twelve Maniacs Are Running 7 Marathons in 7 Days on 7 Continents

Good day. I just housed an enormous bagel. What's up with you? "I'm running seven marathons in seven days." Nice. I'll try that tomorrow. » 1/23/15 11:55am 1/23/15 11:55am

Creme Egg Controversy Continues: Lawsuit Cooked Up to Ban Imports

Gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet: in the latest volume of the Great Cadbury Creme Egg Controversy of 2015 that has affected every single person living in England and America, imports of the British springtime chocolate have reportedly been banned from entering the U.S. by Hershey Co. Sounds like someone's… » 1/22/15 5:40pm 1/22/15 5:40pm

The Way We Get Drunk Now

There goes the neighborhood (bar): the New York Times reports that in these particularly health-conscious and civilized times, many alcohol consumers have stopped getting hammered on good ole 190 proof grain alcohol, but are instead opting for lower alcohol and lower calorie beverages. Party time. » 1/21/15 5:35pm 1/21/15 5:35pm