The British Have Stolen "Wine Surprise" From Me

The New York Times reports on a new trend in teen drinking across the pond: Young Brits have recently been consuming a kind of caffeinated wine called “Buckie” with wild abandon. The drink has become so popular that the Scottish Parliament is considering banning it to keep it out of their country. » 6/05/15 9:52am 6/05/15 9:52am

My Ideal Self Body Type Is Jerry Seinfeld in 1997

Last night I was at the gym, going through that old sham, leg-walloping the elliptical, sweating big ol’ bullets and watching an episode of Seinfeld on the crummy LCD (I usually watch Food Network but I realized how bleak that looks to others). It was then that I realized I was there to look like him. » 6/03/15 4:15pm 6/03/15 4:15pm

Cheap Wine Sucks: A Manifesto

While Mother Jones certainly has the right to get out from under their image as the resting place of old potatoes on your weirdest uncle’s kitchen table, it is interesting to see that one of the ways they’re moving toward A New Tomorrow is by aggregating a video called EXPENSIVE WINE IS FOR SUCKERS put together by the… » 6/03/15 2:14pm 6/03/15 2:14pm

Don't Mess With My Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

A bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich can be many things: good, bad, cheap, expensive, readily available, rare, redemptive, a thing to argue about endlessly with respected colleagues. It is not, however, a “secret handshake that New Yorkers exchange” or anything else that Pete Wells describes it as in his recent… » 4/14/15 7:56pm 4/14/15 7:56pm

Can You Taste the Difference Between Banned U.K. Cadbury and Hershey's?

As we've tirelessly covered this year, Hershey, Inc. decided to yank the fun from Easter by suing a company responsible for importing British Cadbury chocolate into the United States. Why buy real Cadbury—creamy, smooth, delicious—when you could have Cadbury made by Hershey—acrid, sour, gritty, and painfully… » 2/26/15 2:25pm 2/26/15 2:25pm